Whistleblowing reporting

Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 24 of 10 March 2023, the Company has set up the prescribed channels for receiving and managing whistleblowing reports.

Who can report?

  • Persons with administrative, management, control, supervisory or representative functions at the Company;
  • all workers, collaborators, freelancers, consultants, volunteers, paid and unpaid trainees who work for the Company;
  • Persons who have held the above-mentioned roles in the past, if the information on violations was acquired during the course of the relationship and persons with whom the relationship has not yet arisen – for example, candidates for personnel selection or employees during the probationary period.

The areas of potential reporting

Information on any wrongdoing – or well-founded suspicion of wrongdoing – in administrative, accounting, civil and criminal law may be reported. Information on violations may also concern violations not yet committed that the whistleblower reasonably believes could be committed on the basis of concrete elements. Such elements may also be irregularities and anomalies (symptomatic indications) that the whistleblower believes could give rise to one of the violations provided for by the Decree.

The reporting channel

e-mail address: segnalante@gmail.com

The whistleblower also has the right to request a direct meeting with the Company’s Supervisory Board, which manages the channels for conferring the report in a confidential interview; it will be sufficient to make the request through the channel indicated above, leaving a contact address.

The whistleblower must also give a clear indication that he/she wishes to keep his/her identity confidential and benefit from the protections provided in the event of any retaliation.

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