Where legends come to life and fantasy meets no obstacles


Where legends come to life and fantasy meets no obstacles

Welcome to the Storytelling Village

Located at analtitude of 1280 m, in the picturesque Doss dei Laresi, the Villaggio dei Racconti is a wonderful novelty forsummer 2024 at Alpe Cermis. Masterfully built by artisans from Val di Fiemme, this enchanting village brings back to life the traditions and architecture typical of Val di Fiemme, with masonry and wooden houses custom-designed for the little ones.

Living and telling the fairy tales and legends of the Val di Fiemme oral tradition

The central theme of the park is that of legends, fairy tales, and tales handed down for generations in the Val di Fiemme. Through a fascinating narrative path, children and their caregivers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the most fascinating stories of the valley. They will listen to the fairy tales and legends of the oral tradition of Val di Fiemme, immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the tale exactly as it once happened. The legends can be performed live, with the contribution of nationally renowned storytellers, or, on some special occasions, it will be the local people themselves, repositories of historical memory, who will tell them to the public. In addition to live voice narration, there is the possibility of listening through “sound stations”, which will broadcast the fairy tales proposed at the various meeting places. An expert animator will guide children and adults along an “enchanting” and evocative route, where oral narration will bring to light the memory and tradition of a past that is still today the basis and foundation of social life in the Valley.

Beyond storytelling: the Village’s activities

Inside the Storytelling Village, children can also enjoy a variety of engaging activities that reflect local traditions:

Musical Church: Inside the village church, young visitors can experience unique musical games, playing the bells of the bell tower or creating melodies with a special organ.

Traditional Sawmill: Children will have the opportunity to discover the traditional work of Val di Fiemme woodcutters and participate in fun forest-related activities.

Castle-Slide: The village castle not only symbolises defence, but also offers an exciting slide experience for young visitors, with ladders to climb to the top and admire the view.

Barn and Farmer’s House: Children can try their hand at tending the vegetable garden, raking hay, and experiencing the everyday life of the region’s farmers.

Mill: At the village mill, young visitors can grind the wheat grown in the garden into dough and bake bread in the oven, discovering ancient culinary traditions.

Artistic Direction by Armando Traverso

The Artistic Direction of Armando Traverso, a well-known face and one of the most representative figures in the national panorama of television for children and families, plays a crucial role in the Villaggio dei Racconti project at Alpe Cermis. Well known for his work in numerous programmes such as: Patatrac, È Domenica Papà, Melevisione, Diario di Casa (the only national programme on air on Rai Uno and Rai YoYo that addressed children and adults during the pandemic), up to the programmes currently airing on Rai Gulp such as Clorofilla and Ma Davvero?, and the collaboration as presenter and author for Rai Radio Kids, the first digital radio station in the country dedicated to children. Armando Traverso brings with him a wealth of experience in the world of edutainment (learning while having fun) with his talent for writing and storytelling, to which he adds extensive experience as a television and radio presenter, bringing an element of magic and authenticity to the project.

The aims and purpose of the Storytelling Village. Fun and tradition

Theaim is totranslate local legends into compelling tales suitable for children and families to create an engaging and memorable experience for young visitors to the Storytelling Village. By listening and playing, visitors will enter a place of wonder, where stories come to life in a vibrant and enchanting way, offering a unique opportunity to explore and celebrate the region’s rich cultural heritage.

A Year-Round Experience

During thewinter, the narrow streets of the Village of Tales are transformed into ski slopes perfect for children who wish to learn to ski. While in summer, the park’s ponds offer the opportunity to cool off and sail boats, fully immersing oneself in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

A True Oasis of Fun and Culture

The Village of Tales is not only a place of fun for children, but also a space where families can share moments of play and relaxation, immersed in the rich culture and tradition of Val di Fiemme. With typical plants such as the dwarf pine and mountain flowers adorning every corner, the village offers a unique experience that will remain in the hearts of young and old alike.

Come and discover the wonders of the Village of Tales at Alpe Cermis and get ready to experience unforgettable adventures immersed in the legends and tales of Val di Fiemme.


Entrance to the Villaggio dei Racconti is €5 per person, find out about packages including facilities and entrance to the village in the ‘prices ‘ section.

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