Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A. offers those who want to discover the natural beauty of the mountains a ski lift service to Alpe Cermis with modern cable cars and chairlifts. For skiing enthusiasts, the organisation offers perfectly snow-covered and safe slopes; the ski area is located on the Panettone of Paion del Cermis and in the pleasant basin of Prafiorì Salera with excellent exposure (from south to north) and covers a skiable area of almost 65 hectares. Those who know the mountains of Val di Fiemme, having visited them both in summer and winter, will be tempted to consider them an ideal, privileged place of unrivalled beauty. Those who hike, visit or live in the mountains take part in an epic of emotions in which nature is the great protagonist.
It is precisely for this reason that Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A. has introduced an environmental management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 with the following objective:
“The environment must become the protagonist of the organisation’s daily and extraordinary activities.”

In addition to respecting and protecting the environment, the employer has decided to commit to the continuous improvement of safety management by implementing and enforcing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The employer is committed to establishing an appropriate document system to ensure that each employee is aware of the importance of compliance with the policy, safety procedures, safety management system requirements, individual safety obligations, the actual or potential consequences of their work activities on their own safety and the safety of other employees, as well as the benefits of improving their individual performance, their role and responsibility for compliance with the safety policy and the potential consequences of deviations from established operating procedures.

The occupational health and safety management system implemented by Alpe Cermis S.p.A. takes into account the nature and extent of the risks associated with the activities and the specificities of the organisational structure and pursues the following objectives
“Health and safety at work is a commitment for everyone, which manifests itself not only in the observance of safe and correct behaviour in the performance of work, but also in the constant creation of the most suitable conditions for this”. “

The environmental and safety policy of Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.a. is therefore expressed in the following objectives:

1. Ensure that activities in a particularly sensitive area without infrastructure are carried out in compliance with the environmental regulations applicable to the main environmental aspects;
2. To implement and maintain an effective environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001;
3. Provide the public with the information necessary to describe the environmental impact of the activities managed and/or controlled, ensuring effective and efficient communication with external stakeholders, in particular with the authorities and supervisory and control bodies, adopting an approach based on dialogue and information also through the dissemination of this policy.
4. Evaluating the selection of suppliers and contractors also from an environmental point of view;
5. Promoting an ever greater awareness of environmental protection among employees at all levels;
6. Implementation of information and training programmes to continuously raise staff awareness;
7. Careful monitoring of the use of water resources in order to preserve the qualitative characteristics of the area’s streams and aquifers.
8. Continuous improvement of waste collection results.
9. Establish procedures to manage accidents that could affect the integrity of the environment;
10. Establish and apply appropriate procedures for the review and control of environmental management and performance and take appropriate corrective and preventive action when a situation of non-compliance with regulations, policies and objectives is identified.
11. Commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
12. Commitment to review the environmental objectives and targets set by management.
13. Ensure that the policy and associated management systems are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation and by those working for it.
14. Ensure that this document is accessible to the public.
15. Regularly review the policy and the overall environmental and safety management system to assess its accuracy and effectiveness with a view to continuous improvement.

1. Comply with applicable regulations to protect the health and safety of workers by establishing an occupational health and safety management system and providing the necessary human and material resources;
2. Implementation and maintenance of an effective occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018
3. Communicate with customers, suppliers and contractors to ensure their safety and work with them to define the best way to deal with disruptive risks
4. Planning meetings and activities to raise awareness and inform all employees of the behaviour required to protect health and safety
5. Plan group meetings to share different experiences and find solutions together to improve safety conditions for workers;
6. Provide all workers with the education and training they need to perform their jobs safely;
7. Planning the company’s activities in terms of risk assessment and emergency management, preparing and updating risk assessment documents and emergency plans;
8. Consultation of employees and in particular their representatives;
9. Promoting preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries, near misses or other non-conformities.
The employer of Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A. believes that the fulfilment and success of this policy, which is a guarantee of continuity and growth, can only be achieved with the full and maximum commitment of everyone

Organisational model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001

Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A. has drawn up and adopted an organisational model in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, a management system for continuous improvement that identifies respect for the law as an inspiring principle of corporate ethics.

It is in the primary interest of our company that all those who work for and with our company, in whatever capacity, carry out their activities in compliance with the principles and values contained in Model 231, which is an essential tool for guiding, promoting and disseminating correct, transparent and law-abiding behaviour and is also a guarantee of the good functioning, reliability and good reputation of Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A..

The company’s Board of Directors has adopted the 231 model and appointed a monocratic Supervisory Board in the person of Mr Luca Pandini, whose task is to monitor the functioning of and compliance with the 231 model.
To contact the Supervisory Board, request information or obtain further information, an e-mail address is available for the exclusive use of the member of the Supervisory Board: odvalpecermis@gmail.com.

Model 231 explicitly protects employees and individuals who decide to report violations of Model 231 of which they become aware (so-called “whistleblowing”): Whistleblowers are protected and the confidentiality of their identity is guaranteed to avoid potential retaliation and discrimination.
The legislation also allows anonymous whistleblowing.

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