The mountain of the sun

Welcome to Alpe Cermis

The mountain of the sun

Welcome to Alpe Cermis

A few words are enough to describe the emotions that await you at Alpe Cermis:

Trentino, one of the best known and most welcoming mountain areas in the world;

Val di Fiemme, famous for its natural beauty, healthy air and human warmth;

Cavalese, an enchanting small town with every service and comfort, which exudes Alpine culture;

Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lagorai chain, an authentic and sumptuous natural sculpture carved into the sky.

These are the coordinates that introduce you to Alpe Cermis, a promontory, kissed by the sun, set in the heart of a marvellous territory, appreciated worldwide.

Aware of such gifts of nature, over the years we have developed projects, built infrastructures, created services and animated countless activities: all this, with the aim of offering them to you, to make your stay unforgettable, but also a single day spent in the snow or on a summer excursion, pampered by a spectacular and… simply unique setting!

Explore the infinite shades of natural beauty

Alpe Cermis, during the summer, is a kaleidoscope of colours: on clear days, the blue of the sky envelops lush forests, sculptural rocks and lush green meadows like a blanket, grazed by grazing cows at high altitudes, which infuse the silence with the gentle sound of bells, which, at times, blend with the chirping of birds and the relaxing gurgling of water flowing in the streams. In winter, this natural paradise is tinged with snowy white: the blanket of snow covers everything, projecting the landscape into a fairy-tale dimension.

Activities for All Tastes

By its very nature, the mountains offer endless opportunities for experience: wonderful hikes and walks on more or less challenging routes, descents on skis or snowboard, itineraries to explore with snowshoes on your feet..
All this is enhanced by human activity and creativity: we at Alpe Cermis have developed the best services, to enable you to enjoy every nuance of an enchanted place. We have done this, really thinking of everyone and devising proposals suitable for families in search of serenity and relaxation, for young people eager for fun and adrenalin-fuelled thrills, for couples inspired by romantic situations, and for the elderly, in need of rest.

Trentino gastronomy

Aware of the fact that the ‘pleasures of the table’ are, universally, genuine motivations when choosing a holiday and that Trentino boasts a culinary tradition
rich in flavours, thanks to the proposals of our restaurants, we also take you on a true journey of taste. Alpine cheeses melted over charcoal, dumplings dipped in melted butter, polenta with game, speck combined with warm bread are but a small part of our gastronomic offerings, in the knowledge that guests are only rewarded when they are stimulated through the stimulation of all their senses, including, of course, taste.

Events and Entertainment

Alpe Cermis is a “living” place that continuously lights up thanks to the organization of events, which take place throughout the year. From the Ski World Cup races, to evenings of music under the stars, at our refuges, to shows for children, we have thought of opportunities for real fun suitable for every target.

Sustainability and Preservation

The exceptional heritage that nature has given us must be guarded and preserved, out of a form of respect for nature itself and to offer it to future generations. Aware of similar values, we plan every investment, every action with the aim of rigorously maintaining environmental balances, also encouraging our guests to firmly respect this indispensable philosophy.

Plan your visit

On our website you will find all the information you need to plan your trip to Alpe Cermis. From lift rates to ski slope schedules, events to hiking guides, we are here to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

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