Ski safe with the Greenpass

Ski safe and have fun in the whole Dolomiti Superski ski resorts

3 easy steps to get back on the slopes


1. Skipass purchase

The skipasses are available online and for those who do not have a smartphone or internet access, at the points of sale or accommodation facilities equipped with a skipass issuing system.

2. Skipass activation

  1. Activation on our website: Enter your ski pass number and check the QR code of your Green Pass. This can be uploaded from the gallery or the memory files of your mobile phone, or directly from the paper document. Your data will not be saved

  2. Activation in the Dolomiti Superski app: load the QR code of  your Green Pass from the photo gallery or the memory of the mobile phone and insert the number of your skipass. If you want you can stored the data in the dedicated section of the app to facilitate subsequent activation. Likewise, the skipasses of your family members can be activated daily.

  3. Activation at our points of sale: validate the QR code every day at our points of sale. 

*For special cases, please consult the point of sale.

3. Ski

The aktivation has to be carried out for each ski day. Once the skipass has been activated, access to the all lifts is guaranteed for the whole day.



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