Winter opening season 2020/2021

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We are going to open the lifts on Saturday, 05 December 2020.

We can't wait to open the lifts and let you find, as usual, the TOP prepared slopes and the conditions of maximum tranquility for all skiers. Our priority is to make you enjoy your day skiing or vacation considering and guarantee all the safety measures.


The lockdown in March 2020 caught everyone by surprise, our ski lifts societies included. Meanwhile, the ski carousel and its associated ski areas have offered rebalancing measures to holders of season ski passes, who were unable to ski all the way until the end of the scheduled season.

For the 2020/2021 winter season, however, Dolomiti Superski has developed a system of guarantees that will ensure right from the beginning the maximum transparency and safety for everyone who wants to purchase a season or a multi-day ski pass. Those who decide to purchase a Dolomiti Superski season ski pass will benefit from certain guarantees in the event of a new lockdown of at least 10 consecutive days, at various territorial levels – whether there is a total lockdown or in case of total closure of one of the 12 ski areas in which villages the user resides or lodges.

Within 30 days from the start of the lockdown or closure, the passholder may exercise this right of withdrawal, if not yet used its season ski pass for 40 days, by filling out an online form. By doing so, the refund procedure will start, and the ski pass will be deactivated. Alternatively, the user can decide to keep his ski pass active and therefore continue skiing until the end of the season in the open ski areas. In this case there will be no refund. 

The refund threshold for Dolomiti Superski season ski passes will decrease every two weeks in relation to the remaining duration of the winter season, starting from 15th December 2020.

For example, a lockdown that occurs before 15th January 2021 grants a refund of 55% of the ski pass price purchased by the customer. The next deadline is scheduled for 31st January, where the refund will be 40%. It will continue like this until April 1st 2021, the date upon which the repayment threshold is zeroed out. Refunds will be made in monetary form via bank transfer. 

Until 15th December included 85 %
Until 31st December included 70 %
Until 15th January included 55 %
Until 31st January included 40 %
Until 15th February included 30 %
Until 28th February included 20 %
Until 15th March included 10 %
Until 31st March included 5 %
From 1st April 2021 0 %


For example, if you purchase a season ski pass for 850,00 €, the following amounts will be refund if autorities imposed the closure of the facilities at the indicated dates:

Closure until 15th December included: 85 % refund   -   723,00 €

Closure until 31st December included: 70 % refund    -   595,00 €

Closure until 15th January included: 55 % refund        -   468,00 €

Closure until 31st January included: 40 % refund        -   340,00 €

Closure until 15th February included: 30 % refund      -   255,00 €

Closure until 28th February included: 20 % refund     -   170,00 €

Closure until 15th March included: 10 % refund          -     85,00 €

Closure until 31st March included: 5 % refund            -     43,00 €

Closure after 1st April included: 0 % refund               -       0,00 €



Similar procedure is valid for holders of multi-day ski passes but in addition to the two hypotheses indicated above, also in the event of a positive diagnosis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in the event of a quarantine measure: the unused days will be reimbursed on the basis of the multi-day price list. For example, a passholder has purchased a 6-day Dolomiti Superski ski pass, but only uses it for two days before a lockdown occurs. The cost of the 2-day ski pass is deducted from the price of the 6-day ski pass and the difference is refunded.



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