Code of conduct & safety rules on the slopes

Follow this code of conduct and the safety rules on the slopes to ski peacefully and in safety

  1. Behave in a way that does not put others in danger or cause damage.
  2. Maintain speed and behaviour that is suited to your own abilities as well as to general conditions and the weather.
  3. If you are coming from above, and through your position overlooking others can choose your path, choose a direction that avoids any danger of collision with skiers further down the slopes.
  4. You can overtake above or below, on the left or the right, but always at a distance that allows the skier who has been overtaken to progress unimpeded.
  5. Those going onto a piste or through a teaching area must ensure, by looking uphill and downhill, that they can do so without any danger to themselves or others.
  6. Avoid stopping on the pistes, especially at crossings and when there is low visibility. If you fall, you must vacate the piste as soon as possible.
  7. It is prohibited to go onto the pistes on foot or on a sledge. Alpine skiing is also prohibited.
  8. Respect signs on the pistes. At crossings give way to the right.
  9. Help if there is an accident.
  10. Anyone who is involved in or who is a witness to an accident must give their particulars.
  11. It is good practice not to take bends on the edge of the piste, but to always leave enough space to allow others to overtake.
  12. It is important to be aware of the path of others according to the type of skis that they are using: snowboards, telemark, carving…


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