Olimpia, the most beautiful ski slope in Trentino

Did you know that Trentino has a really extraordinary ski slope? Olimpia is the most beautiful ski slope in Trentino!

Are you ready for a virtual ski run on the most beautiful ski slope in Trentino?


The famous Olimpia ski slope on Alpe Cermis is divided into three parts :

Olimpia 1, Olimpia 2 and Olimpia 3.
It’s considered by expert skiers as Alpe Cermis’s crowning glory: it’s 7,500 metres long, with a vertical drop of 1,400 metres. The slope has a number of snow cannons for artificial snow covering and, thanks to its excellent northerly exposition and the expertise of the snow groomers, it’s always in excellent condition right up to late in the season.


The starting point of the most beautiful ski slope in Trentino is at Paion del Cermis, at 2,250 metres above sea level. From here you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking panoramas of the Alps, with a view ranging from the Brenta Dolomites to the western Dolomite and as far as the Austrian Alps.
After taking a photo to capture the stupendous panorama, it’s time to set off on a really thrilling descent:
Olimpia, la più bella pista in Trentino
The first stretch of the Olimpia 1 slope begins immediately with a great counter slope wall, followed by a flat stretch allowing you to get your breath back. Then the slope, running parallel with the Costabella ski slope, reaches Campiol del Pel at 1,915 metres above sea level (where it’s possible to take the Costabella automatic 4-seat chairlift which takes you directly to Paion del Cermis). The most difficult part of Olimpia 2 begins from here:
3 km of breathtaking curves and walls that run through the dense wood of fir trees then arrives at Doss dei Laresi. The first part is not particularly steep, but after a few hundred metres the incline increases: first a right-hand curve, then the famous "Cavatappi" (Corkscrew), a tortuous left-right route which is very rapid section, but also very wide. Having got through the "Cavatappi", you reach a short flat stretch after which the TRULY THRILLING Olimpia wall starts: here the incline exceeds 50%, but thanks to the wideness of the section, every skier can take the trajectory most appropriate for them. The wall is broken by a splendid left-hand curve before arriving at the intermediate station of the Doss dei Laresi cableway. Here we’re at an altitude of 1,280 metres above sea level and, if we’re tired, we can have a rest at the "Baita Dosso Larici" to sample an excellent hot egg-nog with cream to restore some energy…
At this point we can reach the Fondovalle station on the Olimpia 3 ski slope, the famous "final climb" of the ski race in the World Cup Tour and illuminated since last winter season.
Here it’s not particularly difficult, only moderate in places. It starts with an apparently flat section and then immediately runs into a great wall of moderate difficulty and which is very wide. At the bottom of the wall there’s a change in incline and then, after another good left-right curve there’s a long flat stretch that ends at the valley bottom where the Fondovalle-Doss dei Laresi cableway station is situated at 850 metres above sea level.
Here is the end of the ski slope; we’ve gone through more than 7,500 metres of pure white emotion, and most of all, with the skis on our feet: I lift the ski mask for a moment and with a deep breath and the adrenalin still running though my veins, I look around and see the summit from where I started. Now I just have to go back up and experience again those strong emotions that the mountain and the snow are always able to give me!!!
Now can you at least imagine why Olimpia is considered the most beautiful ski slope in Trentino? Do you accept the challenge? We’re waiting for you at the “starting gate” at Paion del Cermis to let you experience the same emotions on the skis...


magica pista da sci per bambini

Rays of sun penetrating the branches of the fir trees, the only sound that of your skis running across the snow, and a new and magic surprise around every curve…. all this is possible skiing on the “Via del bosco” children’s ski slope; an exciting, over 4 km-long ski descent, for an adventure in the forest of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme.


Along the ski slope you can find natural-size animal models, brain teasers, nursery rhymes, games and… that’s enough for now, children, otherwise we’ll spoil the surprise!


Pay great attention, however, on the slope… you might feel yourself being watched… Zirmo the gnome will be following you hidden behind every tree, but only few people are able to see him …


Via del Bosco…the ski slope for children is a special experience to share with all the family and your friends. Don’t miss it children, come and pay us a visit!

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