Environmental policy

Funivie Alpe Cermis presents to the public and public institutions its commitment to the environment as summarized in its ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY


Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A. provides modern ski-lift facilities to Alpe Cermis for people who want to discover the natural beauties of the mountains.
For ski enthusiasts the organization manages the ski slopes which are perfectly covered with snow and safe for use; the ski area spreads over the cap of Paion del Cermis and the lovely valley of Prafiorì Salera with an excellent exposition (going from south to north) and a total skiable surface area of slightly under 45 hectares.

Anyone who has seen the mountains of Valle di Fiemme in the blaze of summer or in the splendour of winter will be tempted to consider them a paradise, a privileged place of incomparable beauty.

Anyone walking through, visiting or living in the mountains experiences a rush of emotions in which nature is the outstanding protagonist.

Precisely for this reason, Funivie Alpe Cermis S.p.A has adopted an Environmental Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard with the following aim:

“the environment must become the protagonist of
the organisation’s daily and extraordinary activities.”

To achieve this aim the Organisation’s objectives are:

  1. To be perfectly in compliance with environmental legislation applicable to its specific environmental characteristics, in a particularly sensitive area with little infrastructure.
  2. To carefully monitor the exploitation of water resources in order to preserve the qualitative characteristics of the streams and aquifers in the territory.
  3. In a period in which the disposal of waste is a big problem for the province of Trento, the organisation plans to introduce differentiated rubbish collection.
  4. To set up rigid procedures for the management of accidental events that may compromise the integrity of the surrounding environment.
  5. A commitment to continuous improvement and the prevention of pollution.
  6. A commitment to re-examine the environmental objectives and targets established by Management.

The Certification was obtained after a significant period of preparation, vigorously promoted by the management in the person of the Chairman Luigi Misconel and his staff who personally followed the implementation of the Environmental Management System.
Funivie Alpe Cermis has put together its own manual, operating procedures and environmental controls with the help of local partners: QSA Servizi Srl in Predazzo and Cooperativa Ecologica Trentina in Trento.

The Initial Audit (18 March 2004) carried out by the leading certification body Det Norske Veritas Italia (DNV has also certified the Adamello-Brenta Park) confirmed compliance of the company’s Environmental Management System with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001;1996.

With this certification Funivie Alpe Cermis wishes to demonstrate its conviction of the strategic importance of the sustainable development of Val di Fiemme, not only with words but with a concrete commitment

This instrument will be used as proof of the organisation’s concern about its territory and environment, especially for the tourists of North Europe who are particularly sensitive to these questions, and for all parties involved in the activities of Funivie Alpe Cermis (the Municipality of Cavalese, the Province of Trento, the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, etc…).


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